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Welcome to Chebucto Art Therapy & Counselling Centre

Welcome. My name is Nick Zwaagstra and I am the director of Chebucto Art Therapy & Counselling Centre (CATCC).

I am passionate about art therapy and proud to be a counselling therapist. I provide clinical services for all ages, I provide Art Therapy Training, and offer other professional development options such as workshops and presentations.  I also provide clinical supervision and consultation.

As an integrative Art Therapist and Counsellor, I support deeper work to help resolve core issues. I am also solution-focused and promote resilience. While it is not possible to change the events of the past we can work together to better understand long-standing isses and resolve challenges in your life. By applying a variety of integrative and creative approaches we will explore new perspectives and build new coping strategies for a more fulfilling and meaningful life. If you are looking for extra support and guidance to deal with challenges or just ready to explore new directions for your life, I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

 ‘Service List’, provides a general overview of services. You can review basic information and learn about potential benefits;  and if you are a professional, you can obtain more information about making a referral. Please call me or email me for a consultation today.

The ‘Project List’  and ‘Upcoming Events Sidebar’ helps you locate information about upcoming workshop series, professional development opportunities and community initiatives.

Ultimately, I hope to develop additional helpful tips video clips, and provide useful related links. I welcome collaboration with other professionals and encourage creative expression opportunities and art-based research.