We are pleased have Monica Carpendale back to offer this engaging two-day workshop titled, Fairy Tales, Art Therapy & Symbolic Interpretation.


Fairytales can be thought of as the dreams of humanity and contain solutions to human problems. Fairytales are a unique art form that can enrich our existence and offer meaning on many levels. Fairy tales personify and illustrate inner conflicts without putting pressure on the listener. There is both conscious and unconscious content. They appear simple and reassuring in that they give hope for the future with a promise of a happy ending and resolution of the obstacles. Internal processes can be externalized and made known and comprehensible. They are not instructional or cautionary stories but the listener will find his or her own wishes and solutions expressed. This art therapy workshop is an excellent opportunity to explore metaphors and symbols in fairy tales. The workshop will include storytelling, discussion and personal exploration through art. Psychoanalytical, phenomenological and structural approaches to interpretation will be touched on. Some of the fairytale motifs that will be discussed are trickery, forgetting, evil and redemption.

Once upon a time in a land not far from here…


Learning Objectives: 

  • to explore metaphors and symbols in fairy tales.
  • To gain greater understanding of how fairy tales reflect common issues and life conflicts – applicable to work with clients regarding problems & finding solutions
  • To provide greater understanding of interpretive frameworks and structural approaches.


Facilitated by:

Monica Carpendale, BFA, DVATI, RCAT, BCATR

Monica Carpendale is the founder and executive director of the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute. She has over 25 years of art therapy experience and is a national and international presenter, author of several books and DVD’s on art therapy.


Thursday and Friday, May 29 – 30, 2014


8:30 am – 4:30 pm


$200 for early-bird rate by May 10,  2013 / or $250.00 after

Payment is by cash or cheque to Chebucto Art Therapy & Counselling Centre (CATCC); pre-registration is encouraged.


Registration information

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Workshop Location: 3621 Dutch Village Road, Halifax NS B3N 2T1


Phone: (902) 445-5675 or 499-4354

E-mail: zwaagnic@chebuctoarttherapy-catcc.ca

Cancellation Policy:

All cancellation requests must be sent to the address below before May 23th. Administration fee of $50.00 will be applied.

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