I just returned from Nelson, BC where I had the privilege of participating during the second week of the training intensive at the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute. I experienced a wonderful sense of community with instructors, Monica Carpendale, Jaqueline Fehlner, Nicole LeBihan, as well as Sixteen (16) first and second year cohort students. I was amazed and thrilled to share the learning process with others and contribute from my own experience as well. I will soon be launching the first East Coast Cohort Group Intensive in Halifax September 24th and we will have a similar process with a smaller group of students.

I was thrilled and honoured by the dedication and level of sharing. We covered lots of theory and discussions of practical applications but so much of the potency comes through the experiential process. Students had the chance to try out spontaneous art as well as particular Art Therapy directives. They discovered so much about themselves and about each other through reflection. They practiced in Dyads and Triads (Art Therapist, Client, observer) and while they faced personal challenges they also made amazing progress.

The depth of the work is amazing. One of the comments that continued to ring out from the students, though tired and full-up from self reflection and discoveries, was “I Love Art Therapy” I witnessed the incredible vitality of the process and renewed my own passion too.