Privacy & Confidentiality Policy

Counselling and Art therapy often involves sharing sensitive, personal and private information. The Law protects and Ethical guidelines reinforce that all interactions, including content of client sessions, records, scheduling of, or attendance at appointments, are confidential. No one can have access to any client records without the client’s consent (or legal guardian).

Files kept include all contacts, dates, times and services provided. All personal information and data (including art) are treated with utmost confidentiality. A client may review the contents of their own counselling file upon written request.

Psycho-educational groups and courses (including art therapy) include a discussion about this matter: Confidentiality among group members is both encouraged and expected.

Limits of Confidentiality:

The following are legal limits to confidentiality (for individual sessions, psycho-educational groups, and psycho-educational courses) and these limits will be communicated in writing and verbally in the initial session, along with signature and date:

  1. If a client poses a clear and imminent danger to him/herself or to someone else.
  2. If there is an indication of child abuse or abuse of a dependent adult.
  3. If a client requests and signs a release of information.
  4. If the court orders a release of information or if the client raises the issue of their own mental health via a law suit.